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cbdGPO’s purpose is to help our Members realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume and using that leverage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors, and other vendors. Members use cbdGPO to obtain the best products at the best value with approved Suppliers. The purpose of our Request For Proposal (RFP) process is to provide cbdGPO Suppliers with the information they need to prepare and submit a proposal for requested Products. All contracts resulting from RFP will be administered by cbdGPO’s Purchasing Division. RFP’s are issued on behalf of cbdGPO Members by the Purchasing Division, which is the sole point of contact during the procurement process.

Approved Suppliers

cbdGPO Suppliers manufacture/produce raw materials (isolate and distillate) and/or white label and private label CBD products (Products). cbdGPO approved Suppliers are licensed hemp CBD suppliers, preferred vendors, manufacturers, and/or agents of cbdGPO (Supplier or Suppliers). All Suppliers have been thoroughly vetted by cbdGPO which may include, but not limited to; site inspection(s), independent testing, and corporate background checks. Suppliers who participate in the RFP process meet cbdGPO requirements are compliant with all applicable federal and state regulations. Approved Suppliers will produce a complete chain of custody (including all COA’s) and confirms all manufacturing of Products are conducted in FDA inspected and approved facilities.

Evaluating RFP's

Suppliers are provided with a Statement Of Work (SOW) - Itemized and detailed list of Products prepared by the cbdGPO Purchasing Division. Suppliers that provide the best overall value will be eligible for a contract award. In some cases, multiple Suppliers will be awarded contracts. Suppliers proposal must include and will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


Proposed Quality of Product(s)


Sample proof of COA for the CBD used to develop/manufacture Product(s)


Ensure pricing is in line with current market prices


Past experience in developing/manufacturing similar Products

Delivery Time

Proposed turnaround time

RFP Process

cbdGPO’s streamlined RFP process makes it easy for Suppliers to submit proposals and our Members to review them. Below outlines how the current cbdGPO RFP process is conducted.

1. Review Open Orders

Each Open Order provides all the information necessary for Suppliers to submit a proposal. To view all Open Orders, Suppliers will log in to the cbdGPO website.

2. Submitting Proposals

All proposals are submitted online using the secure, password-protected process. Each Open Order has its own form in the cbdGPO required format. In some cases, the Members may request samples of Products to be submitted with the proposals.

3. Proposal Review

cbdGPO staff shall review and evaluate each proposal to ensure it is in line with the Member’s request. cbdGPO may request presentations by Suppliers to assist in the decision-making process. Only proposals that met the criterion of the RFP shall be recommended and submitted to the Member(s) for review.

4. Negotiations & Contract

cbdGPO is acting as "Contracting Agent" for its Members, therefore, Suppliers must communicate directly with cbdGPO. cbdGPO will conduct negotiations with Suppliers to clarify terms and/or negotiate pricing. Final proposals will be presented to its Member(s) for approval. Once accepted, a contract will be drawn between Supplier and cbdGPO.

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Confidential Good Faith Negotiations & Non-Circumvent

All negotiations will be in good faith between the Supplier and cbdGPO only. The Supplier agrees not to circumvent cbdGPO and at no time will communicate directly with Members. All proposals and quotes will go through cbdGPO and are prohibited to be presented to Members without the expressed written invitation from cbdGPO.


It is our expectation that the Supplier’s proposal, as submitted, will be considered Suppliers' final and best response.

After the final presentations and negotiations, cbdGPO will select the Supplier(s) that it believes will best meet its Members’ needs.

Should cbdGPO request additions or revisions to satisfy the Member(s) requirements, the updated proposal will need to be resubmitted in a time and manner specifically prescribed by cbdGPO.

Contracts will be between Supplier and cbdGPO. All payments to the Supplier will be paid from cbdGPO directly.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the rejection of the Supplier's proposal and disqualification from the RFP process, so please pay attention!

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