CBD Isolate Group Purchasing Program

  • CBD Isolate Group Purchasing Program

    cbdGPO saves businesses money through Group Purchasing


Our goal is to save businesses money. CBD Isolate is one of the most commonly purchased products in the CBD industry for cannabinoid products. Many companies pay top dollar because they don't have significant buying power. cbdGPO aggregates (combines) all these orders to negotiate with buying power to get our Members better deals.

How the Program Works

We have been working with CBD Isolate manufacturers for over 7 years and developed strong relationships with the “best in class” manufacturers to ensure the highest quality and consistent products for our Members. 1. cbdGPO places orders semi-monthly (usually around the 1st and the 15th of each month). 2. To participate in an order we require all contracts and payments to be in 3 business days prior to an order being placed. 3. Your CBD Isolate order, along with their 3rd party tested COAs, are then sent directly to you!

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Benefits of Membership

Pricing Smaller companies enjoy the same benefits as large ones. Our group discounts provide additional negotiating leverage in non-traditional spend areas. Members have no-cost access to affordable pricing on CBD commodities, as well as a large sourcing portfolio that can be used to develop custom orders and pricing. Market Leverage CBDgpo’s committed model is powered by the aligned purchasing power of hundreds of companies and thousands of liters/kilos of CBD, allowing us to negotiate the best deals with suppliers. In a growing number of categories, CBDgpo members enjoy the additional leverage provided by CBDdivision.com; our parent company. Value-Added Programs In addition to saving our members thousands of dollars on wholesale CBD products; CBDgpo has teams of experts ready to assist you in all of the challenges of being in the CBD industry to include Banking and Merchant Processing, shipping and fulfillment services, sales distribution channels, labeling and packaging, marketing consulting, web development, branding and graphic design, and more.

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Companies have historically used GPOs to gain quick access to cost savings and cbdGPO will do the same. Although still true, this traditional view of GPOs doesn't fully recognize the sustainable value that a modern GPO provides. In the historical models savings diminish over time, but with a modern GPO like cbdGPO it will constantly look for ways to bring more value by enhancing their agreements and supplier performance sustaining and even boosting savings.

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Contact us day or night. There will always be someone available to answer the phone.

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